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Continuous changes in the outpatient and inpatient sectors

There have been massive changes in the outpatient and inpatient sectors for some time and these affect independent oncologists:

25% of larger practices are no longer owner-controlled; competition is increasing through significant market consolidation; the search for a suitable successor for practices when doctors retire is becoming increasingly difficult.


An oncologist alone is not optimally prepared for these changes and challenges. In times of intensified consolidation and a sustained lack of successors, outpatient care requires strong partners.
Isabel Witt, Leitung Deutsches Onkologie Netzwerk


A platform of independent oncologists

The German Oncology Network is an initiative of leading oncologists in Germany and Omnicare. The initiative aims to offer support and promote competition, while maintaining the independence and autonomy of each practice. Any independent oncology practice can participate in the German Oncology Network.

Our vision

  • We bring together outpatient oncology experts and develop common standards.

  • We develop approaches for cooperation, implement them and can then address political issues together with one voice.

  • We drive innovation and strengthen outpatient oncology.

  • We consolidate knowledge and ensure the transfer of expertise between participating practices.

  • We bring on outpatient cancer care and provide sustainable quality.

  • We increase the attractiveness of participating practices and create added value for you as well as your potential successors

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We are creating a nationwide network of all those involved in oncological therapy.
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